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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Education and Confusion

I am a science graduate with degrees in computers and management. By profession I am a technical writer. At times when I look behind, I feel that my journey to the right career has not been easy.

As a student these are some of the questions I was always unclear about:

  • What subjects should I study?
  • What professional course I should opt for?
  • What are the various career options?
I feel these are the current dilemmas of many students in India. A diverging fact is that in our country around 6 crores children are out of school, and many who go to school are confused and unsatisfied. Right from school to college students are not sure what subjects and courses to enrol in. In big cities there are career counsellors and other educationist who aim to help students. But how successful these efforts are and how satisfied today's youth is a question to ponder on!


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