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Friday, February 23, 2007

Journalism in India

Do you have an enquiring mind and flair to communicate your thoughts with clarity, simplicity and objectivity? Are you able to organize and express yourself both orally and in writing? Journalism is the career for people who can assimilate information and communicate using a variety of media resources.

How to prepare for journalism?

Journalism basically comes from within but there is also an academic side to it. You should have a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree in journalism or languages. Additional field work, training, experience or internship will add to your qualification.

While doing the course you must consider the track record of the journalism institution in terms of placement and infrastructure. Institutes like Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Jamia Milia Islamia, Symbiosis are some well known institutes.

What are the various fields in Journalism?

You can opt for the following medium:

  • Print - newspaper, magazines
  • Electronic - radio, television
  • Cyber – Internet

You can become a writer, proofreader, reporter, editor, translator, or a manager. You can also venture into corporate communication and become a copywriter or a public relation professional. You can also enter into growing fields like content writing, technical writing and instructional designing.

You can opt for journalism colleges in India.


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